“Logan has shown tremendous growth in his last year at Blue Spruce in the extended day program. Even though he had a great learning experience for the first two years, his last year really puts it all together. Now we can clearly see the first two years in Blue Spruce were to build a solid foundation, but you really need the last year to put all that knowledge into good use. We’ve seen great improvements in his language skills, math skills, etc. – at levels that we didn’t think he’d achieve in just last year. We’re very happy that we’ve decided to keep Logan for his KG year at Blue Spruce for the extended day program.”

- Tiffany & Kenny

“Our daughter attended Blue spruce for 2 years prior to starting the kindergarten program. We saw such positive changes in her, so it was a given that she would complete the Montessori program at Blue Spruce! Not to mention taking advantage of the opportunity of having her younger sister be part in the same setting!! In only just a few months we are so delighted to see such maturity within her. We see such eagerness for more knowledge by asking lots of questions to understand thoroughly how and what and why to what we are discussing. Her being a role model to the younger children has taught her a new level of respect for herself and patience with others. Her confidence level soars each time she has mastered what she was introduced to. She takes great pride and seriousness of the responsibilities she takes on each week with her new jobs. At home she shows great enthusiasm with her new found knowledge of what she has learned at Blue Spruce and applies it. We are absolutely amazed at the level her reading and math is at and recognize that she is truly exposed to her ‘maximum potential’ in all aspects! While making the final decision I admit I did second guess it only for financial reasons; but then did come to the conclusion that money can always be made; but this decision could not be. The kindergarten program has been such an enriching and positive experience where the little one will follow suit when its her time . By completing the kindergarten program your child will feel dignified and ‘grownup’!”

- Raman & Bal

“We are so glad that we kept Breanna at Blue Spruce for the Extended Day program to complete the three-year Montessori curriculum. It was a hard decision to make, and Blue Spruce has proven that it was a good decision we made. In the first two years, Breanna has grown and learned so much socially, emotionally and academically in a nurturing and supportive environment. We noticed that this learning has built a strong foundation and contributed to the building of her confidence and leadership skill this year. Breanna loves to take initiatives; she enjoys helping her peers out and reading to younger children at school, and she often offers to help with laundry or light house chores at home. Academically, she is excelling in language and math. She enjoys reading and she loves playing spelling bee at home. On a car ride, she always begs for math questions on multiplication. As parents, it is most satisfying to know that our daughter has developed a love for learning and for school. Thank you, Blue Spruce, for helping Breanna to reach her potential and to set her on the path to become a life long learner.”

- Lindy & Andre

“Aria started attending Blue Spruce at the age of three and is now entering her 3rd year at the school. In the beginning, Aria was a very challenging child as she would often refuse to do work and said ‘No’ to her teacher a lot. After attending Blue Spruce we have seen a big improvement on being compliant with the work she is presented with. She has become more mature after she began going to extended day. As like many parents, we hope to provide the best education and learning environment for our children. Blue Spruce has met our wants and needs exceedingly. The teachers are very caring, patient and nurturing. They understand our children well and are able to teach them according to their abilities to help them excel. Mrs. Marette is an excellent teacher who is always there to meet with parents and to hear about any concerns. She is also very willing to help us address our children’s problems. Although there are some days Aria might say ‘I don’t want to go to school,’ she is always very happy to start her day at Blue Spruce when she sees her teacher at the door. Aria’s academics; reading, writing and drawing, have phenomenally improved since attending Blue Spruce. I am always surprised to see the work she brings home every month. She enjoys reading the chapter books she brings home. She also likes to write pages and pages of stories with detailed pictures. Extended day also allows for more opportunity for Aria to help teach and take care of her little sister. This is something we hoped to see as parents. As a mother and educator in special education, I have visited many preschools, daycares and elementary schools on a regular basis. I find that Blue Spruce is truly the best school I have come across in all my years as an educator. I feel so lucky that I am able to send both my daughters to Blue Spruce for their early education.”

- Sally & Angus

“Andrea is in Kindergarten (her 3rd year at Blue Spruce). In the last few months, I have seen how Andrea has matured and grown not only in academics but also socially and emotionally. The Kindergarten program provides a nurturing environment, a home away from home, that fosters a love for learning. In addition to the solid Math and Language curriculum, she gets to learn about all sorts of topics from geography to art. She takes ownership of her work and is proud of her accomplishments. She enjoys writing and has grown more confident in expressing herself. She has gained a holistic understanding of math concepts and enjoys practicing her sums. Socially, she loves teaching younger children and bonding with her Extended Day peers in the playground and over lunch. She enjoys school and often remarks that she gets to learn new things. We are very glad that she is flourishing and believe that this 3rd year will provide a solid foundation for many years to come. If only Blue Spruce had an elementary program...”

- Stephanie Uy (2015)

“We have seen great improvements in Shay’s work after Shay began going to extended day. With the extended day format there is more time to expand on the work he had been doing and we are finding that he is starting to solidify concepts. Extended day also allows for more opportunity for Shay to ‘teach’ the younger children, which also aids in Shay's understanding of the material. His reading has greatly improved since going to extended day. In math Shay is learning adding and subtracting and can count over 100. He has time to work on longer projects and we are amazed at the level of work that he brings home each month. We can see the progression in his cursive writing. He is becoming a confident learner. Shay really likes being an extended day student at Blue Spruce. He really enjoys the lunch hour and the nature walks and play time in the garden with the rest of the extended day students. We like that the garden time is supervised by an instructor and that lunch time gives Shay an opportunity to practice grace and manners with the students setting the table and cleaning up after their meal. We also like the responsibility that is placed on extended day students to carry out daily jobs to contribute to the classroom. We were worried that extended day would be extremely tiring for Shay as he started at 4 1/2 years of age. We found just the opposite. The afternoon part of the extended day program is a great compliment to the morning program. There is quiet time for reading and drawing and also time to work on projects. We had found Shay thrives in the way the day has been structured at Blue Spruce. He really enjoys working on special projects in the afternoon and when Miss Nadia reads the extended day children chapter books like Junie B Jones and The Magic Tree House.”

- Shawna Soo (2015)

“The teachers are passionate about teaching and very caring. Blue spruce not only focuses on academics but also teaches a lot of discipline to children. We have three children and all of them went to Blue Spruce Montessori and completed the three years kindergarten program. Our third child is currently completing his kindergarten year at Blue Spruce Montessori. We are well versed in private education and have done a lot of research before we chose schools for our children. Blue spruce is the best choice out of all the Montessori programs in Richmond. Mrs. Marette is a passionate teacher who takes pride in her students. It's amazing how Blue Spruce's extended day program prepares the children for real challenges of Grade 1. Blue Spruce students excel in reading, writing and math and well prepared for Grade one when they leave the Kindergarten program. I am happy to talk about my experience with prospective parents over the phone as well.”

- Rupinder Bains

“Thank you Blue Spruce for providing such a nurturing environment which helped our daughter, Kara, get well prepared for her present and future education. Initially, we were undecided on putting her in the public Montessori program or staying at Blue Spruce for the extended day Kindergarten program. We saw how much she has progressed in the 3 years prior, so to continue and complete the program at Blue Spruce was the obvious choice. If we had not continued, we were afraid she will be held back and not progress as quickly as she has now. Now she can read, write, do math, and think at a much higher level than we anticipated.”

- Elaine & Peter Chan (2015)

“Syra turned 5 in October and did find the first month a little exhausting eventho she managed 2 physical activities after school hours. In our case I found the extended day Montessori program quite beneficial. You are paying for what you get. The kids are well connected they are in a systematic groove upon entering the classroom. They get outdoor physical activity everyday rain or shine. She talks non-stop about the outdoor garden. They learn to eat lunch together in addition to a special lunch every other month with a family member (if possible). I can't say enough about the academic enrichment that comes along with the extended day learning cycle. Syra is independently responsible for her book bag. she was a non - reader upon entering Blue Spruce and has made immense gains. She enjoys getting to work with the morning kids and then working with the afternoon kids. The way the teachers have set up the class programming, there's absolutely no disruption when the afternoon class arrives. They are at circle time at the back of the classroom and to this day I haven't seen one student look at the back door - I've always wondered what they have them engaged in! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. I will be putting my younger daughter Mayva in extended day as soon as she's ready!!!!”

- Paula Gill (2015)